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Building Banter
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Project Details / Background
Building Banter: Improving energy efficiency through ‘conversing’ with buildings and users in an engaging manner" is an industry-led project funded by the Technology Strategy Board and EPSRC, aiming to develop consultancy tools and retrofittable products for greater energy efficiency in non-domestic buildings, targeting user behaviour. The project included several industrial and academic partners, and focused on a manufacturing case-study (at Federal Mogul).
I implemented a wireless sensor network solution retrofitted to the data collection hardware and then deployed it on site at a Federal Mogul factory in order to monitor energy consumption of their industrial equipment. Although I joined the project during its final phase, my contributions increased the quality and frequency of collected data, improved system reliability and extended the maximum possible operational time of the units for each battery change. I specified, configured and developed the hardware and software to get the data back to the office from the factory once the measurements had been taken. I developed an innovative and interactive visualisation of the logged sensor data streamed from the factory which was used to generate graphs which were superimposed onto a CAD model of the internals of the factory pinpointing where the energy was being consumed. I leveraged expertise gained through work on a similar wireless sensor network systems during my dissertation in order to make rapid progress and be effective from the first day.