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I am an experienced technologist who establishes technical infrastructure and fosters social patterns that enable collaboration, participation, and innovation. As a co-founder of Sukey, I helped create a platform to keep demonstrators safe, mobile and informed. Additionally, I've been involved with other initiatives like UCLOccupation, OccupyLSX tech, CryptopartyLondon, Hurricane Hackers, Open Source Ecology. I have also had the experience of living in an Eco Village for 5 years. My background includes working in industry for various companies while participating in local Hackspace communities around the world. Embracing hacker culture, I repair and modify my own belongings as well as assisting others to become more empowered through this approach. I hold a BEng with honors from Durham University and am a member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). Overall, my work focuses on creating transformative solutions using open source hardware and software and civic media tools such as 3D printers or apps designed for direct action while promoting positive change through global collaborative efforts.