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Hey, I'm Samuel Carlisle
HoomanBean(w/ Voice), Engineer, Civic Media, H4ck3r, Gardener
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About Me
I speak English, French and German. I am a well seasoned technologist who establishes technical infrastructure and fosters social patterns that enable collaboration, participation, and innovation. As a co-founder of Sukey, I helped create a platform to keep demonstrators safe, mobile and informed. Additionally, I've been involved with other initiatives like UCLOccupation, OccupyLSX tech, CryptopartyLondon, Hurricane Hackers, Open Source Ecology. I have also had the experience of living in an Eco Village for 5 years. My background includes both working in industry and also participating in local Hackspace communities around the world. Really living and embracing hacker culture, I repair and modify my devices and my stuff as well as assisting others to become more empowered through this approach. I hold a BEng with honors from Durham University and am a member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). Overall, my work focuses on creating transformative solutions using open source hardware and software and civic media tools. At some times this looks like 3D printers and at others like apps designed for direct action - all the while facillitating positive change through (global) collaborative efforts.

Recent Clients:

IT and Web consulting for Menthormovement working closely with their team to rapidly deliver a fully customised e-commerce platform with bespoke frontend and backend tailored lovingly and precisely to the needs and wishes of the client.
Dragon Dreaming Intl
IT and Web consulting for the Dragon Dreamining project's international website and to support the working group by watching and maintaining the infrastructure to guarentee uptime and availability of their site.
IT and Web consulting for MetaMate in order to support the client to manage their own infrastucture more autonomously and guide / offer support as requested when their experiments lead to security holes and some temporary loss of function on the website. Result: supporting and enabling the client to confidently explore, grow and learn (to not be dependant on technologists) and restore service quickly when necessary.
My security audit, IT and Web consulting enabled this client regain their ability to do online buiness again after bot abuse to their previous website had caused problems with several upstream service providers (including their bank). Recovered from outdated/mismanaged infrastructure and modernised / cleaned up the stack and configuration of all web services that the company uses. Finally, modernised the website and deployed a secure e-commerce platform. Executed a successful marketing campaign and correspondingly the sales in Q1 were very healthy! The client was very happy to be back in business so quickly.


Participative digital fabrication for endangered species conservation. I was the lead engineer working with a fantastic team of hackers and nerds at Youin3D in Berlin to design, test, build and install the complete system (hardware and software from electrical to api integration i.e. real "full stack") to realise this project which was a Twitter-actuated 3D printer in a custom display case installed in a shopping centre in central Berlin in order to raise awareness and engage supporters both offline and online to raise money to support Cat-Ba Langur conservation and protection.
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Electronic Medical Records
Designed, tested and built solar-powered HF radio-synchronised electronic medical records system and communication network deployed in 'extremely remote' health clinics and hospitals around Lake Tanganyika. Population served in the region is over 78,152 people who now enjoy better medical care due to this system.
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Sukey was an app and an idea to act as both a symbolic and a technical intervention in support of its aim to keep protesters safe, mobile and informed. The technical embodiment was a suite of networked tools that helps protesters in London avoid police "kettles" (when police illegally corral protesters, passers-by and residents into a small area and detain them for hours without access to food, toilets, or medicine). Sukey was used for the first time on 29th January 2011 at the anti-cuts march in London, and for the first time in recent history, protesters avoided kettling (theirounterparts in Manchester and Edinburgh who don't have Sukey yet weren't so lucky).
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Open Source Ecology
Designing open source hardware and machines, DIY industrial and agricultural processes.
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Open Source 3D printing. I have built (from parts) around 5 3D printers (several generations and iterations of the Reprap project) I have also maintained, hacked, modded, repaired various other 3D printers. I love designing parts, using printers for making assemblies, projects, prototyping. I also love hacking and upgrading open source 3D printers.
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Building Banter
Improving energy efficiency through ‘conversing’ with buildings and users in an engaging manner. I implemented a code and hardware retrofit of a wireless sensor network onto an exisiting industrial energy monitoring device and then deployed several units on site at a Federal Mogul factory.
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Classic 4
Electro Accupuncture / TENS Device. Classic 4 @ Harmony Medical. Languages: c, cpp, asm, python.
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An open source Arduino-like board that has in-built web connectivity. Best Internet of Things Open Source Project 2011.
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Practising voluntary minimalism, learning about forest ecology, community living, permaculture, medicinal and edible herbs. Forest bathing.
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Occupy London: Tech Team
Occupy London was a political movement in London.
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Cryptoparty London
Grassroots, global endeavour to introduce the basics of practical cryptography such as the Tor, PGP, OTR, disk encryption and VPNs to the general public.
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Bootstrapped the tech team at a student occupation (which became a hub of a national movement) together with other fellow nerds, students and volunteers.
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Participative Digital Fabrication Space in a Residential Project for people migrating from the Middle East.
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Hurricane Hackers
Remote Disaster Relief and communications to support those affected by Hurricane Sandy
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IT / Web / Engineering Consultancy
As a well seasoned technologist I have multiple deep technical specialties and I am also a professionally registered Electronic Engineer so I bring a fresh blend of passion, wisdom and expertise to the table. My praxis includes but is not limited to engineering consultancy, embedded software development, programming, security consulting, web development, DevOps, Automation, Infrastructure, Cloud... also Webdesign and business development, integration... also building protoypes (hardware and software), robotics -> specifically 3D printing, research, product development, QA and testing, technical support, user training and much more besides, if you are curious feel welcome to ask me! This makes me an invaluable asset for your project whether as a consultant, engineering manager or part of the engineering team. I am equally happy writing frontend javascript or automating server deployment, managing a global team or working closely with a client their dream project. This is what "full-stack" looks like.
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Security Engineering and Cybersecurity Consulting
In the age where most devices have an IP address, security engineering in hardware design and product development is more critical than ever. It is important therefore to ensure robustness from the ground up. In today's interconnected world, safeguarding hardware design and product development is crucial to maintaining integrity across all aspects of your business. With my expertise in security engineering, I can help you create secure products that protect sensitive information while adhering to industry standards. Having secure hardware and systems is only a part of the puzzle, those systems also exist and are used in the world, by real people and on the public internet. Together we can create personalized security strategies, reliable network or hardware designs or custom-made employee training programs that reinforce your business against cyberattacks. Don't leave the safety of your digital domain to chance – let's collaborate, tell me about the challenges you are facing, I will listen carefully and support and guide you on the process of improving security outcomes for your organisation or project.
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Green Engineering and Sustainability Consulting
Let's put aside the empty gestures of green-washing and superficial corporate social responsibility, leaving them to decompose with the rest of the 💩 on the compost heap. With my love of nature combined with my engineering expertise, I express my preference for anti-fragility, resilience and sustainability in both system design and also in my personal life, I confidently guide businesses and individuals who are genuinely committed to going deeper into sustainable practice with integrity.
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